Wild, Wild Aquatic, and Growing Up Wild-In the Park

When: June 19 through June 21 from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Three Days in the Wet and Wild: Project Wild, Growing up Wild, Project Wet, Project Wild Aquatic (K-12) and Wonders of Wetlands, are tested innovative curriculum, teaching ecology, wildlife and water resource principles that are correlated to the Ohio Academic Standards. Participants of this workshop will engage in co-operative, hands-on activities and simulations. Upon completing the training, participants will receive the comprehensive Project Wild, Growing Up Wild, *Project Wet, Project Aquatic Wild, and Wonders of Wetlands Curriculum and Activity Guides as well as other resource material, and leave prepared and inspired to teach about ecology, wildlife, and water in the classroom or informal educational setting.

The centerpieces of this three-day workshop are the five Curriculum and Activities Guides. Written for learners of all ages, the activities are easy to use and fun! The lessons incorporate a variety of formats, such as large and small group learning, whole-body activities, laboratory investigations, discussion of local and global topics, and community service projects.

An example of the topics in Project Wet include: focusing on wetlands, watersheds, conservation, ground water, water quality, waterborne disease, life systems, atmospheric water distribution, movement of water over the Earth, surface characteristics of water and other specific topics.

Support for this workshop comes from ODNR, Summit SWCD, Cuyahoga SWCD, the City of Cuyahoga Falls, the University of Akron Martin Center for Field Studies and Environmental Education Field Station, the Isaac Walton League, and SECO.


Gene Easter-Well-known Northeast Ohio Educator

Jamey Emmert-ODNR Division of Wildlife, District 3, Educator

Lara Roketenetz-University of Akron Field Station Educator

Jacki Zevenbergen-Cuyahoga SWCD Stormwater Educator

Sandy Barbic-Summit SWCD Educator

David Young-Cuyahoga Falls Water Department

Ivan Hack-The Isaac Walton League

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