Shrink Your Lawn with Native Plants (native tree giveaway)

When: June 15 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: Village Hall Community Room, 3801 Harvard Ave. Newburgh Heights, OH 44105 map this

When most people think of the ideal lawn, they think of well-maintained, bright green turf grass. There are around 40 million acres of lawn in the United States, occupying about 2% of the surface area of our country. We perceive a well-maintained lawn as aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, but they’re not pleasing toward our environment.

Planting native species can improve the curb appeal of a home, boost its resale value and decrease its time on the market. In addition, native flowers and shrubs provide vital food and habitat for birds, insect pollinators and many other species. Yet convincing homeowners to make the switch can be a tough sell, mainly because of the perception that lawns are elegant while native plants are sloppy. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Join us as we talk about shrinking your lawn to incorporate more native species and how that helps out environment including stormwater runoff.

Presenter: Jared Bartley
Cuyahoga SWCD

We will have a variety of native trees to give away that are ready to take home and plant! Supplies are limited. First come-first served.

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