Native Plant Kit Sale - sale closes at 8am

When: August 14 from 8:00am - 8:05am

Go native!
But where do you find native plants? RIGHT HERE!

Cuyahoga SWCD is selling three native plant kits.

Each kit contains 50 native plant plugs (2 ¼” x 5”) and is suitable for covering about 200 square feet (if planted on 18-24" centers)


Deadline for Fall orders - August 14th - (event will close at 8am)

Kits will be shipped directly to address on order form mid-September.
Shipping cost is included in price of kit.

Plants are grown by Stantec Native Plant Nursery (formerly Cardno).

Click here for a chart of plants in the kits

Each kit contains 5 of each species listed.
Alternate species substitutions may be made if necessary.


Black-eyed Susan
Blue Wild Indigo
Broad-leaved Purple Coneflower
Butterfly Milkweed
Early Goldenrod
Foxglove Beard Tongue
Little Bluestem
Nodding Wild Onion
Purple Prairie Clover
Sand Coreopsis

Alternate species:
Prairie Dropseed
Rattlesnake Master
Sky Blue Aster
Wild Bergamot
Yellow Coneflower


Bristly Sedge
Brown Fox Sedge
Broad-leaved Purple Coneflower
Common Mountain Mint
Common Rush
Golden Alexanders
Northern Blue Flag Iris
Queen of the Prairie
Swamp Milkweed
Riddell's Goldenrod

Alternative species:
Blue Vervain
Cardinal Flower
Culver's Root
Showy Black-eyed Susan


Big Bluestem
Bottlebrush Grass
Canada Wild Rye
Copper-Shouldered Oval Sedge
Indian Grass
Little Bluestem
June Grass
Prairie Dropseed
Side-oats Grama
Switch Grass

Alternate species:
Northern Sea Oats

**All sales are final, no refunds.

Due to a recent clarification from the Ohio Department of Taxation, as of January 1, 2022 Cuyahoga SWCD is required to charge 8% sales tax on most items and shipping charges. If you are tax-exempt, please contact Amy Roskilly at aroskilly@cuyahogaswcd.org to make your sale.

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