Native Plant Kit Sale - sale closes at 8am

Native Plant Kit Sale - sale closes at 8am

When: March 26 from 8:00am - 8:00am

Go native!
But where do you find native plants? RIGHT HERE!

  • Each kit contains 50 native plant plugs (2 ¼” x 5”)
  • Suitable for covering about 200 square feet (if planted on 18-24" centers)
  • Kits will be shipped directly to address on order form the week of June 3rd
  • Shipping cost is included in price of kit
  • Plants are grown by Stantec Native Plant Nursery (formerly Cardno)
  • Each kit contains 5 of each species listed - unless indicated
  • Alternate species substitutions may be made if necessary

Click here for a chart of plants in the kits

Kit contains a selection of flowers and grasses that will attract and host pollinators and birds. The mix performs well in full to part-sun in medium to dry soil.

Blazing Star
Blue Wild Indigo
Broad-leaved Purple Coneflower
Butterfly Milkweed - 2 plants
Foxglove Beardtongue
Little Bluestem
Purple Prairie Clover
Sand Coreopsis
Showy Black-Eyed Susan
Smooth Aster - 3 plants
Stiff Goldenrod

Alternate species:
Nodding Onion
Prairie Dropseed
Showy Goldenrod
Yellow Coneflower

Contains a diverse mix of plants that are suited to short-term flooding as well as periods of temporary drought. The mix is perfect for roadside swales and rain gardens.

Brown Fox Sedge
Broad-leaved Purple Coneflower
Cardinal Flower
Common Mountain Mint
Common Rush
Hairy Beardtongue
Northern Blue Flag Iris
Swamp Milkweed
Riddell’s Goldenrod

Alternative species:
Golden Alexanders
Obedient Plant
Prairie Blazing Star

Contains a mix of grasses and sedges that are deeply rooted and low maintenance. The mix performs well in full sun and medium to dry soil.

Blue Grama
Bottlebrush Grass
Canada Wild Rye
Copper-Shouldered Oval Sedge
Indian Grass
Little Bluestem
June Grass
Prairie Dropseed
Purple Lovegrass
Switch Grass

Alternate species:
Northen Sea Oats
Poverty Wild Oat Grass
Side-Oats Grama

SHADE KIT (this kit will not be in the Fall sale, so if you want it, get it now!)
Contains a mix of wildflowers, sedges, and grasses for season-long interest. The mix performs well in shade to part-shade and medium soil.

Big-leaved Aster
Blue Mistflower
Bottlebrush Grass
Eastern Woodland Sedge
Golden Alexanders
Heart-leaved Aster
Ohio Spiderwort
Rough Goldenrod
Wild Columbine
Wild Snakeroot

Alternate species:
Broad-leaved Goldenrod
Northern Sea Oats
Wild Geranium


Due to a recent clarification from the Ohio Department of Taxation, as of January 1, 2022 Cuyahoga SWCD is required to charge 8% sales tax on most items and shipping charges.

If you are tax-exempt, please contact Amy Roskilly at aroskilly@cuyahogaswcd.org to make your sale.

1. Prairie Wildflower kit
2. Rain Garden kit
3. Prairie Grass kit
4. Shade kit

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