Extreme Makeover - Hinckley Stables Addition

Restoring Sensitive Headwater Habitat in the Upper East Branch of the Rocky River

Cuyahoga SWCD was awarded a Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) grant from Ohio EPA to restore a headcut on a small ephemeral channel at the Cleveland Metroparks' Hinckley Ranger Stables. The project used extensive plantings, log structures, and live branch layering to stabilize the channel at the headcut and reforest the area surrounding the stream, and created a small wetland and vegetated swales to treat runoff from nearby structures. The upstream migration of the headcut was generating 4.5 tons of sediment per year, which was being exported downstream. Preventing this downstream transport of sediment will protect the sensitive downstream headwater habitat. The project was completed in 2015.

Additional partners included Rocky RIver Watershed Council and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.


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