Greening Large Properties

Commercial, Public and Institutional Land Management

Save money and time while helping the environment with these watershed friendly tips.

Save time and money! Your stewardship will make a difference. Read about your impact on stormwater runoff. Choose a few changes that will work for your property.

Remove some unneeded pavement - less to plow, salt and maintain.

Love your greenspace without breaking the bank. Replace turf with low maintenance native gardens

Reduce mowing - enjoy low maintanence beauty that attracts helpful wildlife.

Trees and native plants absorb and filter water. Rain gardens also help manage wet spots on your property. Trees shield buildings from wind in the winter and provide cooling shade in the summer to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Want to go all in? Check out the Green Yards and Healthy Homes booklet for many more great ideas on caring for the lawn portion of your property.

Save the rain for a sunny day - rain barrels can provide free water for your plants during the dry season.

Save money by only using the chemicals you need. Amend your soils after testing to establish a starting point. Don't over- fertilize. Tolerate a few "weeds" - they're not as bad as you think.

At the end of the year be sure to dispose of yard waste properly and use these tips to put your garden to bed in the fall.


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