Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Customers Eligible for Free Stormwater Consultations

Stormwater is any rainwater or melting snow or ice that flows over the surface of the land to the nearest storm sewer, stream, or lake. Impervious or hard surfaces like driveways, rooftops, and parking lots all pose several stormwater problems. Runoff picks up fertilizer, oil, pesticides, dirt, bacteria and other pollutants as it makes its way over these hard surfaces to storm drains, ditches, and streams. Hard surfaces also make stormwater flow faster, and the rush of stormwater flowing into storm sewer systems when heavy rain falls can back up and cause street flooding. Excessive stormwater runoff entering the regional stream system increases flooding and erosion, reduces water quality, and creates costly problems to communities and their residents. Unlike water from toilets, showers, and sinks that is filtered through a wastewater treatment facility, anything that enters storm sewer systems or roadside ditches goes directly into our local streams and eventually Lake Erie.

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s (Sewer District) Regional Stormwater Management Program takes a regional approach to address stormwater pollution, flooding, erosion and water quality problems. The Program provides stormwater services throughout the regional stream system and is funded by a fee on customers’ Sewer District bills. Your fees are calculated based on the amount of impervious surface area on your property, such as rooftops, driveways, and patios. When property owners make changes or improvements on their properties to reduce the amount of runoff affecting the regional stream system and storm sewers, they may be eligible for a reduction in what they are paying, called a fee credit. Actions like disconnecting downspouts, installing rain barrels, or planting rain gardens are some of the ways you can better control runoff on your property and potentially receive a fee credit.

Cuyahoga SWCD is working with Chagrin River Watershed Partners (CRWP), West Creek Conservancy (WCC), Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners (TCWP), and the Sewer District to help residential property owners manage stormwater and increase participation in the Sewer District’s fee credit program. CRWP, WCC, and TCWP can perform free stormwater consultations to assist interested Sewer District customers on:

  • Recommending best stormwater control measures (rain barrels, rain gardens, downspout disconnection, pervious pavement, etc.) for your property
  • Assisting you with the stormwater fee credit application process
  • Addressing other flooding, erosion, or water quality issues on your property

Interested residents can take this Stormwater Survey and sign up for a free consultation. You can also schedule a consultation by contacting Kristen Hebebrand, CRWP Project Manager at 440-975-3870 or khebebrand@crwp.org or your local watershed organization at:

This collaboration between the Sewer District, [watershed org], and other local watershed organizations hopes to assist Sewer District customers with better stormwater management on their properties and work towards the Sewer District’s goal of fewer flooding and erosion incidents, healthier waterways, and a better quality of life for the Greater Cleveland area!

For more information on the Sewer District Regional Stormwater Management Program’s Stormwater Fee Credit Program, visit https://www.neorsd.org/stormwater-2/stormwater-management-program/.

For general information on residential stormwater management, you can visit https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/.


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