Annual Report

2012 Annual Report (PDF - 633KB)

2011 Annual Report (PDF - 560KB)

Cuyahoga SWCD's Newsletter "On the Land"
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Summer 2013 (PDF - 1,296KB)

Spring 2013 (PDF - 2,533KB)

Fall 2012 (PDF - 1,492KB)

Summer 2012 (PDF - 985KB)

Spring 2012 (PDF - 1,299KB)

Fall 2011 (PDF - 1,045KB)

Summer 2011 (PDF - 240KB)

Spring 2011 (PDF - 587KB)

Educational Materials

Community Riparian and Wetland Guidance  (PDF - 3,404 KB)

Environmental & Emergency Contacts - Cuyahoga County (PDF - 253 KB)

Rain Garden Brochure (PDF - 328 KB)

Rain Garden Manual (PDF - 2,483 KB)

Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water (PDF - 2,066 KB)

Storm Water (PDF 1,079 KB)

Senate Resolution 440
- Recognizing soil as an essential natural resource, and soils professionals as playing a critical role in managing our Nation's soil resources

A Guide to Ohio Streams
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Consider Conservation Easements
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Life at the Water's Edge -
Living in Harmony with your Backyard Streams
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The Solution to Storm Water Pollution Brochure
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Storm Water Articles

Got Grass? Mow High (PDF - 86KB)

When Your Pet Goes on the Lawn (PDF - 278KB)

Storm Water Runoff - Slow it Down, Spread it Out, Soak it In (PDF - 141KB)

Watersheds (PDF - 119KB)

Storm Water Pollution is Death by 1,000 Cuts (PDF - 87KB)

Stream Friendly Snow Removal (PDF - 64KB)

Hold the Phosphorous (PDF - 78KB)

Wash Your Car the Right Way (PDF - 97KB)

Rake It...or Leave It! (PDF - 329KB)

Headwater Streets  (PDF - 408KB)

Spring Cleaning - Proper Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste
(PDF - 108KB)

Car Care for Cleaner Water (PDF - 143KB)

Fall Leaf CleanUp Tips (PDF - 226KB)

Storm Water Posters

Headwater Streams (PDF - 724KB)

Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water (PDF - 1,678KB)

Preventing Polluted Runoff Is Everyone's Business (PDF - 995KB)

Storm Water - Slow It Down, Spread It Out, Soak It In (PDF - 613KB)

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