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Cuyahoga SWCD’s Cuyahoga ReLeaf program is actively involved in helping to restore Cuyahoga County’s tree canopy. Cuyahoga ReLeaf provides myriad programs such as the annual tree sale, education programs, seasonal tree giveaways, and opportunities for volunteers who are passionate about urban forestry. Cuyahoga SWCD supports Cuyahoga County's Healthy Urban Tree Canopy grant program. In addition, the Cuyahoga ReLeaf program provides brochures and presentations on how to properly plant and care for a tree. For schools, Cuyahoga ReLeaf has the Native Urban Tree Starters (NUTS) program involving students in restoring the tree canopy in our county through growing trees from harvested seeds. Teachers and students can also participate in Project Plant It, bringing trees to their school property.

Cuyahoga ReLeaf addresses a critical issue in community and watershed health – the loss and restoration of our forest canopy. This effort, started in 2010, has provided tools to watershed organizations and communities across the Cuyahoga River watershed and beyond, related to planting and growing trees to benefit water quality and watershed health. Originally implemented by Cuyahoga River Restoration, the program is now be managed by Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District and serve as the umbrella under which all Cuyahoga SWCD’s tree-related programs will be developed.


  • **NEW** - Legacy Tree Fund (be sure to pick Legacy Tree Fund from the drop down menu)
    Funds raised through the Legacy Tree Fund will be matched by the Cuyahoga SWCD (up to $5,000 total) and will be used entirely to plant trees. The Cuyahoga SWCD is working in cooperation with Bay Village, Independence, Parma, and South Euclid who have graciously offered to cosponsor the program. This program was established at the request of donors who have generously supported the conservation programs implemented by Cuyahoga SWCD.


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