The Envirothon is an international, academic, outdoor competition for high school students, which is designed to stimulate, reinforce and enhance interest in the environment and natural resources. The Envirothon tests students' knowledge of natural resources in five categories: Soils, Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatics, and Current Environmental Issues. Students compete through team problem solving activities. While each student on an Envirothon team is challenged to contribute his or her personal best, the score that counts at the end of an Envirothon is the team score.

2024 Current Environmental Issue: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

Five Area Envirothons are conducted around Ohio each spring. The top four teams from each of these Area competitions progress to the Ohio Envirothon in June. This state level contest is held in a different part of Ohio each year. The top-scoring team in the Ohio Envirothon is eligible to compete in the International Envirothon, hosted by a different state or province each year.

Don't miss this great opportunity for your students!

The 2024 Area 2 Envirothon will be held in Wayne County on April 24th

2024 State Competition: will be held TBD at TBD - click here for a 5-minute video on Envirothon

2024 International Competition: The 2024 NCF Envirothon Competition will be held July 28-August 3 at Hobart and William Smith College, Geneva, New York. To learn more about the NCF Envirothon Competition, visit www.envirothon.org.

Additional Information:

More example tests are available by request.

Thanks to all of the teams who competed in the 2023 Envirothon!!

Congratulations to the top four teams who went to the State competition in June!

2023 Top four teams:

1. Boardman Channel Cats - Mahoning County
2. Southeast Maroon - Portage County
3. Enviro Queens - Portage County
4. Boardman Steelheads - Mahoning County

2023 Top scores in each category:

  • Soils - South Central FFA - Huron County
  • Forestry - Western Reserve Roughriders - Huron County
  • Aquatics - Boardman Channel Cats - Mahoning County
  • Wildlife - Boardman Channel Cats - Mahoning County
  • Current Environmental Issue - Enviro Queens - Portage County

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