Individual Acts of Conservation

We may be keeping away from each other, but TOGETHER we can still make a difference for our local soil, water, wildlife and neighborhoods .

Individually, you can pick up litter in your neighborhood or nearby stream. But TOGETHER, we can stop plastic pollution in Lake Erie.

Individually, you can plant native plants and shrink your lawn. But TOGETHER, we can give pollinators a place to thrive.

Individually, you can install a rain garden or rain barrel. But TOGETHER, we can eliminate stormwater pollution in our rivers and streams.

Individually, you can plant a tree. But TOGETHER we can make Cleveland and Cuyahoga County the Forest City once more.

Even though we are living apart for a little while, TOGETHER through our Individual Acts of Conservation we can change the world.

Please fill out the Individual Acts of Conservation Form to tell us about your Individual Act of Conservation. We'll share it so that we can all see how we are changing Cuyahoga County and the world for the better - TOGETHER.


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